Hello, everyone! I’m Stella, and I’m really excited to be a rescue dog. Actually, I’m excited about everything these days, because I haven’t always had a great life. My first person kept me in a small, dirty crate around the clock and didn’t feed me very much. Then one day some officers took me away, and I started getting yummy food and lots of pats and my own warm bed. I’ve been in the cell dog program getting the hang of being inside, and I am ready for my forever home. I’m not just a pretty face – I am clever and athletic too. I’m pretty much the whole package.  People call me a “social butterfly” because I really love having another dog to play with. I want to go to a family with a brother or sister for me, and maybe go to day care a couple of times a week. It would also be fun for me to keep learning obedience, since I’m only 4 years old. My family should also have a tall stockade fence, because a few times I climbed a 7-foot chain link fence and escaped my kennel. Whenever I see a cat, the hair stands up on my back and I get stiff and start trembling. Is that bad? Anyway, if you think you’d be the right family for a fun girl like me, please fill out an application.