Hi, everyone! I’m Missy, and my last few months have been amazing! I used to live outside in the cold and the mud with a LOT of other dogs, with no shelter and not much to eat. People there weren’t very nice to us. One day a bunch of different people came and took us away. It was a “raid” or something like that, and everything changed. I was scared and confused at first, but I got a bath and my own bowls of food, and my nice foster parents even let me live IN THEIR HOUSE! What?!

Now I’m feeling like Cinderella. I’m housebroken, crate trained, and people talk to me like the special girl I know I’ve always been. I love getting pats and going for jogs with my foster mom. I have so much energy, and one of my goals is learning agility. I’m only a couple of years old, and I think I’m a gifted athlete.

I like other dogs sometimes, but when I’m at home I get aggravated by having another dog in my space. I spent my early life sharing everything, and I want a home where all the focus is on me. I prefer to shower my people with love and get all their attention to myself. I am ready for my forever home!!