Jasper (GSP) and Molly (Black and Tan Coonhound) a BONDED PAIR

We often wish the dogs could tell us their stories — help us understand what they’ve been through and what they need. There is no doubt that Jasper and Molly would have quite a sad tale to tell. We were notified about a GSP who had been abandoned at a kennel with a Black and Tan Coonhound. The kennel owner told us that the dogs had been there for A YEAR. She’d agreed to hold on to them temporarily for an acquaintance who dropped them off in a horse trailer, where they’d obviously been living for months. It was covered in urine and feces, and their food bowl was full of maggots.

This bonded pair has come a long way from their days living in a horse trailer and then a kennel. They have both attended the Cell Dog program where their Handlers tell us that they were two of the easiest, low maintenance, good natured, loving, affectionate and sweetest dogs that they have trained. It’s been a long road back to good health and learning to trust again but these two are finally living the life they deserve in their foster home where they are loved by their foster parents and share five acres and three canine siblings.

The following are some notes from their foster mom and dad:

First of all, these two fosters are the easiest fosters we have ever had – by a long shot. They moved in and calmly and sweetly, made themselves at home with us and the other dogs without missing a beat. They have nothing but love to offer and are VERY well behaved. They sit for treats and for their meals, they ask politely to go outside, they never get into things they shouldn’t and they do not counter surf. Sometimes I have to remind myself that they are a GSP and a coonhound because they are atypical in so many ways. Did I mention their calmness – you could say they are very zen: well-balanced and soulful.

JASPER – German Shorthaired Pointer
When Jasper first arrived in rescue he had a long festering injury to his hind hock that was left unattended for at least a year and most likely much long. This required two surgeries to remove and he was a real trooper through it all. Once he arrived in foster care the first order of business was to remove a growth from his eyelid that was resting on his cornea. It was painful for him and the first thing I promised him was that life with us meant no more living with pain. He took that surgery like a champ and never complained once even when we had to have him wear an e-collar for two whole weeks.

Now that he is 100% healed, Jasper’s favorite pastime is hunting for moles and whatever other critters he can find in the yard. He and his GSP foster sister are champion backyard trackers and hunters. His second favorite thing in the world is to put his head in my husband’s lap, bury it and snuggle in for a good nap. He will bury his head into a human’s lap or under a convenient dog belly; whatever is most convenient. He is a snuggle bug and can never be too close. Personal space is non-existent with him. (Now there’s the GSP!)

MOLLY – Black and Tan Coonhound
Molly is always ready to greet you with a wagging tail and her beautiful, soulful eyes seem to speak to your inner soul. Her favorite pastime is watching the world go by. When she is in the house, she can almost always be found on one particular spot on the couch, which she has self-proclaimed in her sweet and gentle way as her own. Here, she has a view of the front yard and most of the goings-on in the house too. It’s pretty tough to move her from this perch once she settles in.

She is ALWAYS observing us, the other dogs and any birds that happen by. Anything that moves catches her keen eyes. There is a particular spot in the yard, which she has also self-proclaimed as her outside observation spot. From her yard vantage point, she enjoys the sunshine (even when it’s freezing – temperature does not seem to matter) and watching the other dogs comings and goings. She simply loves the outdoors as I imagine most coonhounds do.

These two sweet babies love each other and snuggle together every day and every night. Where Jasper is calm and confident, Molly seems to worry, and when he is not around, she actually whimpers. She does this quietly and sweetly so if you don’t pay attention, you might not hear her. Her worry whimper is more endearing than anything and it melts my heart every time. She gets along fine with all dogs that she has encountered but absolutely loves her buddy Jasper and is bonded with him. My deepest hope is that they are never apart and that they find the loving forever home they deserve.

If you have ever considered having two dogs at once, you will feel like you hit the jackpot with these two. They are easy going and low maintenance and you just couldn’t ask for anything better.


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