My name is Ebony! I am only a year old, but I feel like I’ve crammed a lot into a short time. I was surrendered to a shelter with my sister when we were a few months old, but somebody adopted me right away. I was excited about that, but then they put me in a kennel outside and just left me there. It was so boring, and the only thing I had for entertainment was some nearby chickens. I’m a smart girl with a good nose, so figured it would be a good idea to climb out and see the chickens up close. For some reason, nobody else thought it was a good idea.

About that time, I heard through the grapevine that my sister went to rescue, and she was living the good life, snuggling on a warm bed, learning something called “manners”, and getting tons of pats. So I just kept on escaping and chasing those chickens until that person took me back to the shelter, and I got to go to rescue too!

I’ve been in the cell dog program learning all kinds of things, and I am ready for my forever home. I have a lot of energy, and I love to run and play, so I hope my forever family has a lot of energy too. It would be fun if somebody is a jogger and can take me along. I’m very sweet and friendly with people and other dogs, and I’m a petite girl. I really need a tall wooden fence to keep me in, because I still remember how to climb a chain-link fence. Maybe I’m part monkey!! I just can’t help myself. I told my handler to tell everybody that I don’t like rain – I lived outside in the rain long enough! I’m a fun, silly, beautiful black and white girl, and I can’t wait to be part of a family.