Coco came to Ohio Shorthair Rescue as a “Covid Puppy.” His family bought him during quarantine with the intention to love and train him; however, that investment was more than they anticipated. Coco was an owner surrender with no training who didn’t really know how to interact with people.

After two months with his foster family, one-year-old Coco has mastered sit, stay, and come while he’s inside. He is still working on obeying commands while in the yard. Speaking of Coco’s yard… he needs a physical fence and an owner who is patient and persuasive in getting him to come back in from a yard filled with lovely distractions. 

While in the yard, Coco likes to run for the frisbee—his foster brother actually does the catching and returning. Indoors he likes to play tug-of-war, chase, and big-time wrestling with his foster brother. His foster family reports that he initially gravitated only to his dog family–following, playing, cuddling; however, now he is showing love for his foster humans–wagging his tail when loved, leaning on legs, and seeking affection. A loving household with another dog who will play with him is preferred. 

Coco is making great strides with his foster family, and it’s time for him to start making forever connections. He is crate-trained, housebroken, neutered, and up to date on vaccines. He is very trainable in a household that is committed to providing consistency. Are you ready to provide a stable household and a lifetime of love? Then Coco is ready to gaze up at you while leaning in hard on your legs with the look of gratitude only a rescued GSP can give. Are you ready? So is Coco.