Hi Everyone I’m Celina and I am a beautiful, sweet, snuggle bug according to my Foster Mom. I am the perfect package if you are looking for a jogging partner during the day (I walk/jog about 2-3 miles per day) and a sweet, by your side snuggle bug on the couch in the evenings. I am a smart girl because you can always understand what I want. When I want to play fetch, I will grab a toy and bring it to you. When I am done with that I just take that toy and lie down with it next to me. OK confession time, I like to sleep with my “baby” beside me or in my mouth. My Foster Mom says that I must have wanted to be a “heart surgeon” because I am really good at taking the “hearts” (squeaker) out of my new toys. But don’t get me wrong, I can also settle down and chew my nyla bone or sit on the couch and watch the birds and squirrels just outside of the windows. Those squirrels really know how to get my attention. HaHa!

You may notice in some of my pictures that I have some scars on my face…well let me tell you just like girl scouts can earn badges for exploring nature, those scars are my badges of curiosity in the big outdoors! I am quite curious about everything and I probably should not be trusted with a short fence so my Foster Mom says that a big tall privacy fence would be perfect for me. I love my Foster Mom, she is always thinking about me. Speaking of my Foster Mom, she has lots of cute little nick names for me such as “Little Girl, Paws and Jingles”. You will have to ask her why she calls me those names because I’m not really sure. However, she always says them with a big smile on her face so I think that those names are a good thing. Don’t you?

My Foster Mom and Dad really love me a lot and I love it here too, but they told me that there is another family out there that will love me just as much as they do. I was a little confused by this but they explained that they were just the first part of my journey. They helped me to heal, taught me all about the finer things of life like living inside, snuggling on the couch and sleeping on fluffy dog beds and eating yummy treats. They told me that I was all ready to move on to the next part of my journey, and that is to find my perfect Forever Home. So I guess my question is….are you the next part of my journey?

If yes, please complete an adoption application!


NOTE: Due to the large volume of emails we receive, we are unable to answer questions about a specific dog until an adoption application is submitted.. to submit an application, go to www.OhioShorthairRescue.org. Adoption fees are based on estimated age ($350 for up to age 7; $300 ages 8-10; $250 over 11 yrs) and help us offset the cost of spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, heartworm preventative or treatment, de-worming medication, microchipping, food and grooming supplies.

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